China's first "chip university" may be completed

China's first "chip university" may be completed

2021-11-18 15:56

Integrated circuits are listed as a first-level discipline;

The Chinese Academy of Sciences lists the lithography machine as a task list;

The number of semiconductor projects signed by provinces and cities in the first half of the year has exceeded 160 billion;

Huawei Ren Zhengfei visited four domestic engineering universities in three days.


At the "Third Semiconductor Intelligence Conference" held not long ago, Shi Longxing, director of the National Application-specific Integrated Circuit System Engineering Technology Research Center and chief professor of Southeast University Announced to the society that China's first "chip university" is about to be completed. The university is located in Nanjing, which has a superior geographical location, and is named "Nanjing Integrated Circuit University", which will be the first university in China dedicated to cultivating chip talents.

Perhaps as Ren Zhengfei said, the "great" of Laomei also woke us up. We were deeply affected by "building is worse than renting, renting" It is better to buy "ideas". Now we see that only by mastering the core technology can we go further, so we have also seen domestic calls for "Chinese chips", and various companies or provinces have begun to focus on the semiconductor field. The news not only made many netizens look forward to the Chinese chip.



What we're missing in semiconductors
In fact, we already know that a chip needs to go through pre-design, intermediate manufacturing and post-package testing, and these three steps are currently very difficult to manufacture. , Because of the lithography machine involved, the most advanced lithography machine manufacturer known at present is ASML in the Netherlands, and its company has also spent years trying to overcome the lithography machine difficulties (of course, a high-end lithography machine parts will also be imported from other countries. Procurement), what were we doing in those years? In the development of real estate, real estate has indeed made a lot of achievements, but it has fallen behind a lot in the field of semiconductors.


In the past, Yin Zhiyao, founder of China Micro Semiconductor, once said that integrated circuits are an integrated project, which cannot be completed by one country or one enterprise. For example, a high-end lithography machine requires more than 100,000 parts. A US engineer who participated in the manufacture of the lithography machine once said that it took nearly ten years to debug a part.


In the field of semiconductors, in addition to equipment, we also have talents.
When semiconductors ushered in the spring, we discovered not only the lack of lithography machines, but also talents. TSMC has also made a lot of strategies before because of "poaching" talents, and Shanghai Microelectronics has also sued Huawei HiSilicon.
According to the latest released "China IC Industry Talent White Paper (2019—2020 Edition)", we will need more than 745,400 people by 2022 Engaged in the integrated circuit industry, but now there are only more than 500,000 in China, that is to say, the talent gap is nearly 300,000.
At a time when everyone is "competing" for talents, the country has listed integrated circuits as a first-level discipline, and recently there is more good news that China's first A "chip university" may be completed.


China's “first chip university”?
At the "Third Semiconductor Intelligence Conference", Shi Longxing, director of the National Application-specific Integrated Circuit System Engineering Technology Research Center and chief professor of Southeast University, announced a Breaking news: Nanjing University of Integrated Circuits, a university dedicated to cultivating chip talents, will be established in Nanjing!


It is reported that all disciplines will be designed around integrated circuits, and will not involve other things, and will even have certain cooperation with companies such as Huawei HiSilicon and SMIC. The joint, clear goal also really excited many netizens.
But there are also many netizens who are worried that, first of all, subjects such as integrated circuits are inherently difficult, and that the threshold is too high, which may cause students to be resistant and bored, and secondly That is, there is a lack of leading figures, innovation and practice in integrated circuits, and finally, integrated circuits are relatively "complex". A lot of knowledge needs to be mastered, and the difficulty is huge.
Of course, the cultivation of talents in the whole ecology is also a slow process, which requires long-term investment and cannot be rushed.
Fortunately, we are all taking action and facing it.


Gates, Zhang Zhaozhong prophecy or will it come true?
Bill Gates was interviewed earlier on the chipI have talked about my own views on this matter, and I feel that cutting off the supply of chips will not only make the United States lose some high-paying high-tech jobs, but even make semiconductor companies "stockpiled", and will also speed up China's determination and speed of self-sufficiency.
And when Zhang Zhaozhong talked about chips, he even said that in the next few years, American chips may no longer be used, because Chinese chips will rise at that time.
I heard this before and thought it was not very reliable, but now I see the country taking action and establishing relevant schools, starting from cultivating talents, the rise of China Chip is just around the corner. .


Write at the end:
Our annual imports of chips have reached the trillion level, and the demand has exceeded that of oil, but our self-sufficiency is less than 30%, which shows that we have a huge market.
Market competition is simply innovation competition, and its fundamental is talent competition.
We said before that we couldn't keep talents, but now China's first "chip university" is officially announced, and we are also actively cultivating talents. When a certain difficulty is overcome, those so-called prophecies may also come true.


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