New chapter, new journey! Nashe Smart Xinna New Address

New chapter, new journey! Nashe Smart Xinna New Address

2021-07-27 16:42

Orioles moved to the trees, and the new home was completed. Commitment to forge ahead, and then express the new chapter!

In order to meet the needs of the company's business development and expansion of office space, Nashe Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has moved, and the office space has moved to 3C, Building A3, Guangming Science and Technology Park, China Merchants Bureau, Guangming District, Shenzhen.

Recently, the company held the opening ceremony of the new office. All employees participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony to witness the grand occasion of the establishment of an intelligent company, a new chapter and a new journey.

Opening ceremony

Thanks to your concern and love, Nashe Smart has successfully expanded its new location. Here, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our customers and friends for their support and help!

Under the witness of everyone, Nashe Smart held a grand housewarming ceremony in the new office.

This housewarming is an important milestone in the development of Nashe Intelligence, a new starting point to ride the wind and waves and set sail, and it is also an important symbol of all colleagues to forge ahead and achieve success. Standing on this new starting line, full of passion and high fighting spirit!

The horn of departure has been sounded, and a new journey has begun. We firmly believe that this giant ship will successfully reach the other side of success and realize the grand blueprint of "carrying forward the intelligent culture and contributing to scientific and technological innovation"!

housewarming situation

The company's office was moved from the original B1, Building A6, Guangming Science and Technology Park, China Merchants Bureau, Guangming District, Shenzhen (920 square meters in total, including 590 square meters of R&D space) to 3C, Building A3, in the same park (more than 700 square meters, all used for office, the original A6 used for for research and development).

At present, the company has a total R&D and office space of more than 1,600 square meters; it provides more space for equipment research and development, and also provides employees with a broader and more comfortable office environment and a good sense of work experience.

The office numbers in the new office area are named after the dynasties and their typical characteristics: Daqin, Shengtang, Yasong, Lizhou, Xinghan, Three Kingdoms, Dingshang and Luming. The origin of these names is that the talented Nashe people thought of the splendid traditional culture of the motherland. Yes, the innovation and inheritance of science and technology are also inseparable from the nurturing of humanistic soil. Excellent culture is common to both ancient and modern. After continuous improvement, the parallel of the two has unique significance.

The supporting facilities in the new office area have been optimized and perfected, bringing better experience and quality services and helping to upgrade better office conditions.

The completion of the new office not only improves the office environment and conditions, enhances the satisfaction and enthusiasm of employees, and allows everyone to devote themselves to work with fuller enthusiasm and mental state, but also indicates that the company's development has turned a new page. Ambition to create a great cause, to a higher level!

Company Profile

Shenzhen Nashe Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Nashe Intelligence") was established in October 2018 and is located in the Overseas Students Pioneer Park, Guangming District, Shenzhen.

With the vision of becoming a global leader in advanced material manufacturing equipment and the mission of enhancing China's advanced material manufacturing capabilities, the company is committed to the research and development, production, sales and application promotion of third-generation semiconductor, graphene and other advanced material manufacturing equipment. Leading, world-class level.

The company was rated as a "national high-tech enterprise" with high growth potential in 2020. In addition, the company's third-generation semiconductor silicon carbide high temperature chemical vapor deposition epitaxy equipment technology was listed on the "Science and Technology China" leading technology list; May 2021 On the 14th, it won the "Best Compound Semiconductor Equipment Technology Development Award" from Shenzhen Integrated Circuit Industry Association.

key business

Silicon carbide epitaxy and high temperature chemical vapor deposition equipment.

Epitaxial growth is the core link of the third-generation semiconductor silicon carbide chip manufacturing. The innovative silicon carbide epitaxy equipment independently developed by our company can be compatible with 6-inch & 4-inch epitaxial growth at the same time. It is a high-quality, high-efficiency and cost-effective first. Three generations of semiconductor equipment.

Typical applications of silicon carbide chips in the new infrastructure era: new energy vehicles and charging piles, 5G, high-speed rail and rail transit, UHV transmission, big data centers, and industrial Internet.

Other business

1. Graphene film · Open roll-to-roll chemical vapor deposition equipment.

China's first open roll-to-roll chemical vapor deposition equipment, which can continuously prepare large-area graphene/carbon nanotube thin film materials on a large scale for 24 hours, improve preparation efficiency and reduce production costs. Application direction of graphene film: transparent conductive film, transparent heating film, photoelectric sensor, transparent sound-emitting film, etc.

2. Scientific research-grade customized advanced material manufacturing equipment.

Mainly for scientific research institutes, according to special needs, to create exclusive scientific research-level equipment.


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