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About Us

Company profile

Shenzhen Naso Tech Co., Ltd.


Naso was founded in October 2018 and is located in the overseas students entrepreneurship Park in Guangming District, Shenzhen. With the vision of becoming a global leader in advanced material manufacturing equipment and the mission of improving China's advanced material manufacturing capacity, the company is committed to the R & D, production, sales, application and promotion of advanced material manufacturing equipment such as the third generation semiconductor and graphene.


The company was rated as a "national high-tech enterprise" with high growth in 2020. In addition, the company's third-generation semiconductor silicon carbide high temperature chemical vapor deposition epitaxial equipment technology was listed in the list of leading technologies of "Kechuang China"; Won the "best compound semiconductor equipment technology development award" of Shenzhen integrated circuit industry association.


Company culture

Enterprise vision

Become a global leader in advanced material manufacturing equipment!

Enterprise mission

Improve China's advanced material manufacturing capacity and promote the upgrading of global advanced material manufacturing!

Core values

Efficiency, effect and benefit, self-examination, self-discipline and self-improvement

Management philosophy

Build a value team that dare to take responsibility, dare to make breakthroughs and pursue excellence!

Business philosophy

Focus on the needs of the industry and customers, put quality first, and meet the production needs of customers for advanced materials through "innovation, creativity and creation"!

Development history

October 2018
Shenzhen Nashe Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was established
June 2019
Become a member of China Semiconductor Industry Association
July 2019
Become a member of China Electronic Special Equipment Industry Association
July 2019
Become a member of Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association
November 2019
Settled in Shenzhen Guangming District Overseas Students Pioneer Park
September 2020
Received the first batch of investment and financing awards from Shenzhen Guangming District Science and Technology Innovation Bureau
December 2020
Become a national high-tech enterprise with high growth potential
March 2021
The first SiC epitaxy equipment leaves the factory
June 2021
Added 720 square meters of office space
October 2021
The company's third anniversary celebration
January 2022
The expanded Class 1000 clean room was officially unveiled and put into use; The silicon carbide epitaxy equipment has entered the mass production stage.

Honorary qualification

National high-tech enterprise certificate

Science and Technology China Leading Technology List

Patent certificate

A VCD device

A kind of control method of multi-temperature zone slide rail tube furnace

A method for preparing vertical arrays of carbon nanotubes

A kind of intake spray assembly and intake spray equipment

A filter structure and exhaust gas treatment system

A reaction chamber structure of an epitaxial growth equipment

A CVD reaction module of a silicon carbide epitaxy equipment

A heatable honeycomb multi-channel air intake structure

A reaction chamber turbine structure for CVD equipment

Chemical vapor deposition equipment for preparing two-dimensional crystal materials

Heating plate with closed structure

An open-ended device for continuous growth of carbon nanomaterials

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