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Graphene continuous production series equipment

Open roll-to-roll graphene preparation equipment

China's open roll-to-roll chemical vapor deposition equipment can continuously prepare large-area graphene thin film materials on a large scale for 24 hours, improving preparation efficiency and reducing production costs. Integration*: Copper foil cleaning and polishing -> pretreatment -> graphene growth -> graphene transfer -> graphene device preparation, etc. are integrated into one production line, reducing intermediate links

Copper foil pretreatment, graphene transfer equipment

Clean and polish the purchased coil copper foil to provide raw copper foil that can grow high-quality graphene; transfer the produced graphene from copper foil to PET to provide transfer graphene that meets customer needs.

CVD graphene material

The CVD graphene prepared by our company is a high-quality, single-layer and continuous thin-film material grown on the copper foil medium under the condition of lower than the lowest explosion limit of hydrogen and methane. CVD graphene materials have been industrialized in batches, including transparent conductive films, transparent heating films, photoelectric sensors, transparent generating films, and flexible heating wearable devices.
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